Are Invisible Braces The Right Choice?

Are Invisible Braces The Right Choice?

Does straightening your teeth sound undesirable and harmful? Are you looking for an inconspicuous treatment? Then,  Invisible Braces might be the best option for you. You can achieve your teeth goals without any metal wires or brackets stuck in your mouth.Invisible braces or invisible aligners as they are usually known are becoming popular day by day among both adults and teenagers. Invisible braces are for the aesthetic crowd. Invisible braces help in augmenting self-confidence and enhancing your physical appearance.

Metal braces have a high chance of making people self-conscious and avoid socializing to save the embarrassment. Invisible braces are therefore a better alternative to conventional braces.

However, invisible braces are not suitable for cases of severe malocclusions.These braces are also not suggested for people who still have milk teeth. Although, these could be resolved with metal braces. Also, invisible braces are to be worn for about 20 hours a day. So, make sure you don’t lose or forget them somewhere.

How do Invisible braces help with teeth straightening?

Invisible braces have a similar structure to that of metal braces but they are comparatively less noticeable as they are usually tooth-coloured or clear braces. The orthodontist first takes your dental scans and impressions and accordingly provides a set of clear plastic braces or aligners. You have to change to a new set of aligners after every two weeks.

Each aligner (also known as a ‘tray’) becomes symmetrical than the previous one. These braces apply pressure on your asymmetrical teeth and then they eventually become even.It is always suggested to wear invisible braces as much as possible ( at least 22 hours per day) for speedy treatment. Yes, you have to sleep with them in.

You get to remove them for 2-3 hours wherein you get done with eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Invisible braces get your teeth straightened in about 9-18 months. But those who have minor corrections are lucky to get them done within 3-6 months. It is very important to follow a disciplined oral hygiene routine to avoid any kind of bacterial growth in your mouth.

Since invisible aligners can be removed from time to time, patients have their choice of food menus in front of them because the process of cleaning your teeth remains the same. You also have the flexibility of removing them if they are invading your important days ( though, not for a long period).

With Invisible Braces, you have the luxury of choosing how you want to go about straightening your teeth.

Are you a busy bee that can’t make it to the dentist’s appointment you can try the at home clear aligners.

If you want the aligners treatment under the watchful eye of your orthodontist, you can get Invisalign. The thing about clear braces that makes them a more favourable option over traditional braces is the convenience and comfort of the options available that suit your needs the best.

Not sure if invisible braces are the right option for you? Here’s a list to clarify who should and who shouldn’t consider Invisible Braces.

You should consider Invisible Braces if

  • You have mild to moderate misaligned teeth.
  • You have all your teeth permanent.
  • Your teeth haven’t undergone any complex dental treatments before.
  • You believe in “consistency is the key to success”. ( You need a lot of determination to get your teeth straightened with invisible braces).


You shouldn’t consider Invisible Braces if

  • You have complex issues with your oral health.
  • Your milk teeth are yet to come off.
  •  You have underbite or overbite issues.
  • You have had crowns, bridges or implants.
  • Gum infections or tooth decay issues are always troubling you.

Teenagers are still just developing their jaw and hence this is the right time to get teeth straightening done. But, that doesn’t mean that it is not possible for adults to get their teeth aligned. Invisible braces even provide an opportunity to get it done without compromising your belly laughs.

Usually all those who fall in the “shouldn’t” category have no choice but to go for metal braces or tooth-coloured ceramic / clear braces. Clear braces function the same way but are a little more delicate than invisible braces.

Though Clear braces cost a little more than metal braces which is around $3000-$10000.

Another popular and convenient option is to get teeth straightening at home. Some of the companies like Byte, SmileDirectClub and AlignerCo offer teeth straightening at home treatments.

For all those who fall in the “should” category, here’s an overview of some of the best brands providing teeth straightening treatments with the help of invisible braces:-

1) Invisalign ($3500-$8000, 12-18 months, Best for complex cases)

Invisalign is a leading brand in the invisible aligners industry since late ’90s and has been progressing since then. It is successful in providing orthodontic treatment to severe problems. Invisalign has introduced Mandibular Advancement technology which moves the lower jaw forward to fix overbites. Invisible aligners with slight symmetricity are provided set by set to avoid extra pressure on the teeth.


  • Invisalign has specially designed invisible braces with precision wings in order to treat severe overbite or crowded teeth which are not usually provided by any other brands.
  • As Invisalign has treated innumerable complex cases, insurance providers are willing to cover the cost.
  • There are physical offices to get yourself checked from time to time and know if you are on the right track.
  • Invisalign provides “Teen Guarantee” wherein , if parents are not satisfied with the progress after six months, Invisalign offers free treatment with brackets and wires for the teen.
  • You can choose the dentist or orthodontist in your area for your treatment.


  • Invisalign offers comparatively quite expensive treatment.
  • You have to wear their invisible braces for a longer time to see accurate results. Also, you cannot remove them frequently.
  • Speaking with Invisalign’s braces might take a little more practice.


2) Byte ( $ 1895, 3months, Best overall value)

Byte was established in mid 2018. It’s top priority is bestowing excellent customer experience which includes personalized support and fastest treatment. Byte ensures a win-win situation. It also offers regular and night-time options. Byte has launched a three month treatment with HyperByte technology. This technology uses high-frequency vibrations to align your teeth. Thus accurate corrections come into action and that too with less discomfort. It is to be used 5 minutes a day. Byte has become very popular because of this technology.


  • The Invisible braces provided by Byte are devised by licensed orthodontists who have had several years of specialized undergraduate training. ( You are in good hands).
  • Byte provides faster results than its competitors by bringing into play the Hyper Byte device; claiming to get your teeth aligned within 3 months.
  • Byte-for-life guarantee is probably the biggest jackpot.
  • Byte offers free retainers after treatment.


  • Byte doesn’t hold physical locations to get your teeth scanned.
  • You have to perform dental impressions  with the impression kit at home (umm, what if I do it wrong?)
  • Byte is a younger and less established company.


3) CandidCo ( $ 2400 , 5-18 months, Premium service)

CandidCo emerged in 2017 and has been blooming since then. The company got a good deal of positive responses. It is the 1st company which guaranteed orthodontist-over seen as well as offering virtual check-ins. CandidCo gives you the option of either visiting them or starting treatment with at-home kits. By any chance, if you are not eligible for their treatment they refund the entire cost.


  • Invisible braces of CandidCo offer supreme treatment quality
  • It is partnered with ClearCorrect which is notable for  well-designed and high quality products.
  • Candidco provided digital scans that reduce treatment time by 30%.
  • Video interview prior to treatment rather than showing photos to the dentist ensure proper scanning of your teeth( leaving nothing unseen).
  • Customer service of CandidCo don’t abandon you.


  • CandidCo charges a higher price due to remote monitoring device.( Do I want to pay that much?)
  • They have a shorter track record in comparison to other brands.
  • CandidCo has fewer customer reviews than SmileDirectClub.


4) AlignerCo ( $1145 , 6-10 months, lowest prices)

Here comes a budget-friendly deal , mi amigos! And if you are thinking that there would be any sacrifice in the quality or the customer service, you are clearly mistaken. AlignerCo is always early to get in touch with you and discuss your treatment. You have to take your impressions at home by yourself. AlignerCo provides instructional videos to get them done the right way. There are also live chats for any queries. The orthodontist discusses your treatment and once you accept , the aligners are mailed at your doorstep in about three weeks.


  • AlignerCo already provides cheap braces plus occasional run sales discount prices further. ( I mean, who doesn’t like discounts, right?)
  • SmileFlex Easy Plan further helps in payment with easy installments.
  • AlignerCo helps in imparting effective and timely solutions.


  • AlignerCo does not guarantee that you are being treated by a specialized orthodontist.
  • It doesn’t include free whitening products with the treatment. (With that price, you cannot really expect much)
  • AlignerCo’s treatment is a tad-bit longer.


5) SmileDirectClub ($1895, 6-18 months , Best-known)

This company was the first to offer at-home clear aligner treatment and continues to be a voguish option. SmileDirectClub operates online and also through Smile Shops. You have to book an appointment on their website which is absolutely free. You can get to know where the nearest clinic is by entering your location. If there are no Smile Shops near you, you can go for their at-home teeth straightening kits. SmileDirectClub provides a 30-day guarantee wherein you get a refund if you’re not satisfied.


  • SmileDirectClub has experienced innumerable conditions, questions and complications. ( Leaving no stone unturned!)
  • There are over 300 SmileShops across the USA.
  • SmileDirectClub provides guaranteed treatment financing over 24 months through Smilepay. No credit check required.


  • The products of SmileDirectClub are often considered of below average quality.
  • Long shipping delays may create complications in your treatment.
  • Inconsistent communication is a major drawback.( Hello, my tooth has been falling apart for 2 days!)
  • There is a mixture of orthodontists and dentists. You don’t really know if a professional is treating you.
  • SmileDirectClub’s  treatments may or may not obtain  best results.


6) Snap Correct ( $1849, 3-18 months, Best free extras)

Although this mid-2017 company is not very well-known, it’s affordability and unique perks cannot be overlooked. Also, Snap Correct has the clearest aligners you can ever ask for. If you come to a point where you are told that Invisible aligners aren’t for you, they refund your payment. After treatment, the first set of retainers are free for you. Their customer service is available 5 days a week for any doubts or queries.


  • Snap Correct is partnered with Raintree Essix ( the largest dental equipment suppliers in industry) ; which makes their products copper-bottom.
  • It is cheaper than its competitors (except AlignerCo ).
  • Snap Correct offers a complimentary free whitening gel for life ( free goodies are always my favourite!)


  • Snap Correct has limited user reviews , which leads to a confusion about it’s quality.
  • It has a confounding customer support team. (Again, what about my tooth that was falling apart? )


7) SmileLove (  1895 , 3-18 months, well- known customer service )

It is a small company but excellent at its service with affordable rates. SmileLove is partnered with affirm for providing different financial options as to whether you will pay within 12, 18 or 24 months. This kind of a financial policy helps in making your payment part-by-part. SmileLove sends your kit by mail through which you’re required to send your impressions back. Then they will provide a preview of how your teeth will look after the treatment. If you’re not satisfied with the preview, you get a full refund.


  • SmileLove offers their service at a reasonable price.
  • ClearComfort technology keeps all kinds of bacteria and viruses away.
  • SmileLove provides a free first set of retainers.
  • Excellent customer service is the biggest advantage. (Ah, finally, you saved my tooth!)
  • SmileLove offers financial reparation if not happy with the treatment.


  • SmileLove fails to detect hidden oral issues as it’s treatment is conducted remotely.
  • It has a trivial and unconventional track record.
  • It is pretty grinding to verify it’s limited reviews.


Last Words

We hope that choosing the right treatment for your soon-to-be glam teeth doesn’t seem unfathomable anymore. You can consider any of the above options according to your requirements or simply go for some other type of braces if you feel that Invisible braces won’t work for you. But, whatever happens, if things work out or not, don’t forget to keep smiling!


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