Metal Braces VS Clear Braces : A Thorough

Metal Braces VS Clear Braces


Teeth straightening demands a complete research and decision-making process. Now, it is not only about getting all the metals and wires stuck in your mouth. There are so many options to choose from. However, the innumerable options available may make you feel lost.

You need to take into account various aspects like comfort, convenience and affordability before selecting the right option. If all of this sounds exhausting to you, don’t give up, we are going to help you figure out the option that would be the most optimum for you.

Metal braces and clear braces are the two most popular options to get your teeth straightened. So, let’s discuss the efficiency of both these options on the basis of quality of material used, comfort, convenience, affordability and conspicuousness. But first, let us give you an overview of what metal braces and clear braces are and how they actually work.

Metal Braces

Metal braces consist of metal brackets and an archwire. The metal brackets are stuck to your teeth and an archwire is passed through the slots in the brackets to join your teeth firmly. Afterall, the entire concept of metal braces is to apply pressure by joining your teeth. This is done by using certain teeth as anchors and then these anchors help in pulling the other teeth in alignment as well.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are nothing but dental braces made from clear plastic material which apply small amounts of pressure to the teeth to align them. The treatment uses a series of clear aligners wherein each aligner is slightly more symmetrical than the previous one. You will stop feeling the pressure of the aligners after a few days indicating a change in the set of aligners. However, it is necessary to wait for two weeks to prevent your teeth from moving to their original positions. Thus, clear braces naturally move your teeth with pressure.

Efficiency With Respect To Material Quality

Metal braces are made from stainless steel and sometimes in combination with titanium. These braces are a little coarse in nature and therefore there is a high chance of them hurting your dental organs. That is why, only those with all permanent teeth can opt for metal braces.

On the other hand, clear braces are made from  medical grade PETG or PU plastic material which stays firm on your teeth and at the same time provides comfort.

Efficiency With Respect To Comfort

The materials of metal braces use a lot of pressure resulting in excess pain and discomfort. Also, you get a weird metallic taste in your mouth. These braces make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene since the metal braces cannot be taken off even while cleaning your teeth.

On the contrary, clear braces apply much less pressure than metal braces and thus cause less pain. Additionally, you have to remove these while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. So, it is easy to maintain oral hygiene with clear braces.

Efficiency With Respect To Convenience

If you get metal braces, you will have to visit your orthodontist almost every month for the regular dental-checkups and for replacing your metal brackets and wires. Also, these dental visits are usually unavoidable.

Clear braces give you an opportunity to carry out most of your dental procedures at home. You are only required to come in for some check-ups after certain intervals of time, as suggested by your smile specialist. We at Straight My Teeth give you the choice of even doing your impressions at home or visiting our Ashford Smile Studio for personal care.

Efficiency With Respect To Affordability

Metal braces usually cost above £3500 which is quite more expensive than clear braces which cost anywhere in between £999 and £2000. Additionally, the various policy plans and instalment options available cut the costs to a great extent making them much more affordable than metal braces.

We at Straight My Teeth take pride in providing our treatment at an affordable price of £999. Not only that, we also have an option of paying in 12 monthly instalments of  £67 with a downpayment of  £295 (total  £1099).

Efficiency With Respect To Conspicuousness

Without any doubt, metal braces are the most visible braces because of all the dark-coloured metals stuck in the mouth. Also, the metals and wires occupy half of the space in your mouth. At the same time, clear braces are the least visible braces due to its clear material. Many times, people don’t even feel the presence of the clear braces even from a close view. You can even expect to undergo your treatment without anybody even noticing it.


All things considered, clear braces prove to be much more efficient when compared to metal braces in every aspect mentioned above. Therefore, it is ideal to consider clear braces as the right option for your teeth straightening treatment.


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