Motto Clear Aligners 2024: What You Need To Know

Motto Clear Aligners kit

With the evolving technologies of orthodontic teeth straightening treatments, Motto Clear Aligners, introduced by Aspen Dental in 2021, have emerged as a notable option for those seeking an alternative to traditional braces. This comprehensive guide will discuss what Motto Clear Aligners offer, their cost, effectiveness, and how they compare to other options in the market.

Understanding Motto Clear Aligners

Motto Clear Aligners is a relatively new addition to the world of orthodontics, launched by Aspen Dental. They are designed for people with minor teeth misalignment and are known for their ease of use and near-invisibility. Unlike traditional braces, their clear aligners exert less pressure and can be easily removed and replaced.

The Role of Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental, a major dental support organization, backs Motto Clear Aligners. They provide services to numerous dentist-owned clinics across the United States, each operating under the Aspen Dental brand. However, it’s important to note that services and prices may vary across different Aspen Dental locations.

Motto Aligners Treatment Options

Motto Clear Aligners cost is summed up in three main treatment plans:

  • Motto Essential: Starting at $1,999, this basic plan includes aligners, a starter tray, live doctor monitoring, a set of retainers, and the MottoAssured™ protection plan.
  • Motto Plus: Priced from $2,499, this plan includes everything in Motto Essential plus virtual dental monitoring for reduced in-person visits.
  • Motto Complete: Starting at $2,999, this extensive plan offers everything in Motto Plus, with the addition of MottoRetain™, covering up to eight new retainers over two years post-treatment.

Costs and Financing Options

Motto Clear Aligner cost varies depending on the chosen treatment plan and location. Additional features like whitening treatments or Propel can increase the cost. Aspen Dental also offers payment plans through CareCredit, with options as low as $51 a month. Dental insurance and tax-free payments through HSA/FSA are also accepted.

Pros and Cons of Motto Aligners


  • Treatment Duration: On average, treatment takes about 5.4 months.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Motto is less expensive compared to other in-office aligners like Invisalign.
  • Capability: Capable of treating more complex alignment issues than other at-home aligners.
  • Support: Offers both in-person and remote monitoring options.


  • Limitations: Not suitable for severe misalignment cases.
  • New Brand: Being relatively new, there are fewer customer reviews and long-term data available.
  • Remote Monitoring Risks: Fully remote monitoring might pose a higher risk of complications.

Motto Aligners Versus Other Clear Aligners

When considering clear aligner treatments, it’s essential to weigh your options. Motto Clear Aligners, with their competitive pricing and support from Aspen Dental, offer a viable option for those with mild to moderate teeth misalignment. However, for more severe cases or if you prefer a brand with a longer track record, other clear aligners in the market might be more suitable.

 A woman with a transformed smile
A woman with a transformed smile

Motto Aligners vs. Invisalign

Invisalign: Known for its long-standing reputation and effectiveness in treating a wide range of orthodontic issues, including complex cases. Invisalign often requires regular in-person visits to a dental professional and is generally more expensive than Motto.

Motto Aligners: Target mild to moderate misalignment cases and are more budget-friendly. Motto offers the convenience of both in-person and remote monitoring but may not be suitable for more complex dental issues.

Motto Aligners vs. Byte

Byte: Byte is known for its shorter treatment duration, thanks to its high-frequency vibration device. It primarily offers remote monitoring and is suitable for mild to moderate alignment issues.

Motto Aligners: While also catering to similar dental issues as Byte, Motto provides the added benefit of live doctor monitoring, which can be crucial for ensuring treatment accuracy.

Motto Aligners vs. ALIGNERCO

ALIGNERCO: Known for its exceptional affordability, ALIGNERCO is ideal for budget-conscious consumers. It offers effective treatment for mild to moderate misalignment, similar to Motto, but at a more competitive price point.

Motto Aligners: While also catering to mild and moderate cases, Motto aligners tend to be more expensive than ALIGNERCO. The advantage of in-person monitoring with Aspen Dental is balanced against ALIGNERCO’s more budget-friendly solutions.

Motto Aligners vs. CandidCo

CandidCo: Offers a holistic approach to teeth straightening, focusing on overall oral health. CandidCo combines remote monitoring with a network of orthodontists for treatment oversight.

Motto Aligners: While Motto also provides remote monitoring options, its connection with Aspen Dental clinics offers the benefit of in-person support and treatment adjustment.

Motto Aligners vs. Aligner 32

Aligner 32: This brand stands out for its advanced technology and personalized treatment plans. Aligner 32 prides itself on a patient-centric approach, offering custom-tailored aligner solutions that cater to individual needs effectively.

Motto Aligners: Motto provides the advantage of Aspen Dental’s network and offers an in-person consultation approach. For those prioritizing affordable treatment approaches and personalized care, Aligner 32 is a compelling alternative.

Choosing the Right Clear Aligner

Factors like the complexity of your dental issue, cost considerations, and preferred treatment approach should guide your decision. It’s always recommended to consult with a dental professional to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific needs.

Importance of Customer Feedback

Exploring customer reviews and testimonials is essential for anyone considering Motto Clear Aligners. These real-world experiences offer valuable insights beyond the brand’s claims, covering various aspects of the treatment.

Reading Real Experiences

  • Treatment Process: Reviews often provide detailed accounts of the entire treatment journey, giving a realistic view of what to expect with Motto Clear Aligners, from start to finish.
  • Handling Specific Dental Concerns: Testimonials can reveal how effective these aligners are for different dental issues, such as overbites or gaps.

Evaluating Effectiveness and Comfort

  • Results Achieved: Customers frequently discuss the actual results and effectiveness of the aligners, providing a clearer picture of the outcomes you might anticipate.
  • Comfort of Use: Testimonials often touch on the comfort level of wearing these aligners daily, their ease of use, and how well they fit into one’s lifestyle.

Customer Service Insights

  • Quality of Support: Reviews can illuminate the quality of customer support offered by Motto, an important consideration for any orthodontic treatment.
  • Problem Resolution: Experiences shared by customers regarding how the company handles issues or concerns can be particularly telling about their service ethos.

These customer reviews and testimonials can be crucial in helping you decide if Motto Clear Aligners are the right choice for your orthodontic needs, providing a well-rounded understanding of the product and the company behind it.

Before deciding, make sure to read Motto Clear Aligners reviews from various customer reviews and testimonials. This research can significantly aid in making a well-informed decision.

Woman putting on Clear Aligners
Woman putting on Clear Aligners


Motto Clear Aligners represent a significant development in cosmetic dentistry, offering an accessible and effective solution for teeth alignment. Their range of treatment plans, competitive costs, and backing by Aspen Dental make them a noteworthy consideration for anyone looking to enhance their smile. As the brand continues to grow, it has gained a significant amount of popularity in the clear aligner market.


1. What makes Motto Clear Aligners different from other brands?

Motto Clear Aligners, backed by Aspen Dental, offer a competitive balance between cost and effectiveness for mild to moderate teeth misalignment. They provide the option of in-person or remote monitoring, setting them apart from many at-home aligner brands.

2. How much do Motto Clear Aligners cost?

The cost of Motto Clear Aligners varies depending on the treatment plan. The prices start at $1,999 for Motto Essential, $2,499 for Motto Plus, and $2,999 for Motto Complete. Additional costs may apply for extra features like whitening treatments.

3. Can I use dental insurance for Motto Clear Aligners?

Yes, dental insurance may cover part or all of the clear aligner treatment. It’s recommended to consult with your insurance provider and the Aspen Dental clinic to understand the coverage specifics.

4. How long does the treatment with Motto Clear Aligners typically take?

The average treatment duration with Motto Clear Aligners is around 5.4 months, although this can vary based on individual cases and the specific treatment plan chosen.

5. What additional benefits do AACA members enjoy?

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, AACA members also gain access to a supportive community of dental professionals, creating opportunities for networking and sharing insights. They can participate in exclusive webinars and workshops to stay updated with the latest advancements in clear aligner therapy and orthodontic practices. Furthermore, members have access to an online archive of past AACA Journal issues, ensuring they have a comprehensive resource for staying informed about the latest developments in the field.


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