Your Clear Aligner Results:

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No Match

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a clear aligner provider that matches your budget and needs. None of our recommended providers offer in-office treatment under $2000. In-office treatments can be costly, and we understand that affordability is an important factor for you.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our top pick, SmilePath, offers the most affordable clear aligner treatment in Australia without compromising on quality. With easy-to-use at-home aligners starting below $2k, you can achieve your dream smile without compromising your budget or lifestyle.

Our Top Pick


  • Day Aligners: Starts from $1674 1624 or $90/ Month
  • NightOnly Aligners: Starts From 1784 $1734 or $96/Month

Average Treatment Duration

  • 4-6 months for Day Aligners
  • 6-8 months for NightOnly Aligners


  • Free set of retainers
  • Free Teeth whitening kit

Office Visit

  • Does not require any office visits