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affordable clear aligners in australia

As an adult, are you hoping to get straighter teeth and a perfect smile but are not sure of your options? Growing up, you might have observed the other teens around you wearing braces with metal peeking out, every time they opened their mouths.

Traditional braces, with their metal structure, might scare you no matter how effective. Besides the fact that they may lower your self-confidence, braces take a lot of time to treat your case of misalignment.

With the advent of clear aligners, many such problems have been solved. Clear aligners are made of clear plastic which makes them almost invisible. Moreover, their removable nature allows you to take them off whenever you desire.

How do aligners work?

In-office clear aligners

This treatment is effective for moderate to severe cases. You will need to book a consultation appointment with your dentist and get your dental scans done.

After you have gotten your aligners, you will have to make frequent visits to your dentist’s office throughout your treatment.

In-office aligners can be pricier because of the office visits you need to make to get your aligners fixed.

At-home clear aligners

These aligners are known to treat minor to moderate cases of teeth misalignment, but their popularity is their convenience and affordability.

At-home aligners are mailed to your home and you are not required to leave the comfort of your home throughout the whole treatment process.

At-home aligners cost less than traditional metal braces and in-office aligners. There are a lot of good brands offering at-home aligners in Australia.

You can get the impression kit delivered to your doorstep. The kit comes with simple instructions which allow you to make the moulds of your teeth at home.

After you are done making the moulds of your teeth, you can mail them back to the manufacturers.

A 3D treatment plan will be created and sent to you for approval. The fabrication of your customised clear aligners begins once you approve this digital plan.

You will receive your clear aligners in the mail as well. There will be different aligner trays varying in size.

You will need to put in one set for a maximum of 10 days before replacing it with a new one. The aligner trays should be worn for at least 22 hours a day.

Here we are going to highlight the 5 best clear aligners in Australia.


SmilePath is the most affordable clear aligners brand in Australia. It provides you with comfort and affordability which makes it the most preferred choice among the customers. 

SmilePath has one of the most convenient customer support services in Australia. Customers have been extremely satisfied with the 24/7 help they get throughout their treatment with SmilePath.

SmilePath offers three affordable payment plans for their clear aligners. You can get their one-time payment plan, SmileAdvantage for just $1499. 

SmilePath also offers SmileFlex which is an easy instalment plan for 18 months. You can pay $84 per month to get this plan.

With SmileFlex Easy, you can make a downpayment of $295 and pay $234 per month for a 6-month instalment plan. 

SmilePath also offers Nighttime clear aligners for a one-time payment plan of $1599 and an easy instalment plan of $89 per month. You can even get your aligners by making a downpayment of $299 and keep paying $284 per month. 

SmilePath also offers a set of free retainers and a free whitening kit along with the clear aligner trays which come in the initial package delivered to your home. 

SmilePath promises effective results and provides affordable clear aligners with a convenient treatment process. 

For more information, you can check SmilePath’s review on our website.


WonderSmile is another brand providing good-quality clear aligners in Australia. It is not as affordable as SmilePath but their aligners are known to be effective and come with reasonable payment plans. 

An advantage of WonderSmile is its clinics located in various parts of Australia. You can book a 3D dental scan for $80 with them in case you do not feel like ordering the initial impression kit and making the impressions yourself. 

WonderSmile offers two payment plans for their clear aligners. The one-time payment plan costs you $2690 for All-Day clear aligners and $2760 for NightClear treatment. 

You can also make a down payment of $403.50 for All-Day clear aligners and pay $179 per month. For NightClear aligners, you can make a downpayment of $414 and make monthly payments of $184. 

WonderSmile charges an additional fee of $99 for the first set of retainers after your treatment has been completed. You also need to pay $149 for the teeth whitening kit as it is not included in your clear aligners package.  

WonderSmile offers a convenient treatment process along with the advantage of getting your 3D dental scans done in a clinic. 

For more information, you can check WonderSmile’s review on our website.


Byte is known to be the pioneer of at-home clear aligners in Australia. Byte offers high-quality clear aligners along with new technologies to quicken your treatment process.  

Byte has introduced HyperByte, which is an acceleration device that helps to move your teeth faster when used with your clear aligners for 5 minutes at any time of the day. It reduces any discomfort produced during the treatment process.  

Though innovative, Byte is still the most expensive clear aligner brand in Australia. Byte offers two kinds of payment plans for their clear aligners.

Their All-Day clear aligners can be bought by making a one-time payment of $2749. You can even get them on two easy instalment plans. It can be either $53/mon for 30 months or $56/mon for 24 months. 

The At-Night aligner system can cost you a one-time payment of $3395 and monthly instalment plans of $68 for 30 months and $66 for 24 months.

Byte provides effective results in a short period, however, their pricing can be a bit of an issue for the customers. Most customers prefer affordability over experience and if you are one of them then Byte might not be the right choice for you. 

For more information, you can check Byte’s review on our website.


SDC is another brand providing clear aligners in Australia. Like other at-home clear aligner brands, it offers a completely remote treatment process and you are not required to make any office visits throughout your treatment. 

SmileDirectClub has introduced SmileShop, their clinic where you can get your 3D dental scans done by your state-licensed dentist. The dental scan is completely free and can be booked from their website. 

SmileDirectClub offers its clear aligners at a reasonable price. There are two payment plans for both Regular and Nighttime clear aligners.

You can get your clear aligners by either making a one-time payment of $2825 or getting an instalment plan with SimleaPay™ and making a downpayment of $299 and paying $119 per month for 24 months after that.

SDC does not include a free set of retainers or a whitening kit with its one-time payment plan option. However, these options are included in the latter plan. You can get a set of retainers for $165 if you choose the one-time payment plan.

SDC offers the advantage of getting a free 3D dental scan done at their nearest SmileShop but their aligners are certainly not the most affordable and can be a bit cloudier when it comes to their material. 

For more information, you can check out SmileDirectClub’s review on our website.

EZ Smile

EZ Smile is known to be the second most affordable brand in Australia. It provides complete remote treatment with the option of getting your free 3D dental scans done in one of their clinics. 

You can take a 30 minutes assessment test from their website which lets you decide if you are the right fit for their clear aligners. In case your misalignment issues can be resolved with their clear aligners, you can continue with the process. 

Unlike SmilePath which is the most affordable clear aligners brand in Australia and offers a Nighttime clear aligners treatment for a one-time payment option of $1599, EZ Smile does not provide any such facility for getting Night-only clear aligners.

EZ Smile offers several flexible payment plans for getting their clear aligners. You can make a one-time payment plan of $2149 and get your aligner kit delivered to your home without any shipping cost.

However, you can also opt for their instalment plans. 

With ZIP Money, the total cost over 12 months with zero interest will be $2246 which is $2149 plus a setup fee of $25 and a $7.95 monthly fee. 

There are two options while paying with Humm for EZ Smile’s clear aligners. The 12-month option is $2149 with $52 as the setup fee and a monthly fee of $8. 

With the EZ instalment payment plan, you will have to make an initial deposit of $499 and afterwards, weekly payments of $38 for 52 weeks.  

Though not the most affordable but EZ Smile provides you with flexible payment plans for getting their clear aligners. However, their only drawback might be the lack of an option for getting Nighttime clear aligners.  

For more information, you can check out EZ Smile’s review on our website.

Opting for the best clear aligner brand

At-home clear aligners have given a huge benefit of getting your teeth straightening treatment taken care of remotely. 

We are well aware of the fact that teeth straightening is an important decision in one’s life and the best method should be chosen for this purpose.  

Byte is an experienced brand and uses innovative techniques to provide quick results. WonderSmile, SmileDirectClub and EZ Smile lets you make the decision of opting for 3D dental scans. 

But if you prefer affordability and convenience over experience, the use of technology and dental scans, SmilePath might be the best choice for you. 

What We Suggest

We understand your need to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. It is essential to choose the best treatment for teeth straightening, and in case you are confused, don’t worry; we have got you here.

According to our analysis based on our customers’ needs, we will recommend to you our two best at-home aligner brands i.e. SmilePath and Byte.

Why SmilePath?

SmilePath provides the most affordable at-home clear aligners in Australia. Their aligners are comfortable and easy to wear. If you are looking for affordability and an option to treat your teeth at night, we recommend you choose SmilePath.

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Why Byte?

For some people, money might not be a problem as they will most likely prefer a quick and modern treatment over an affordable one. Byte might be the most expensive at-home clear aligner brand, but it uses modern technology like HyperByte, to quicken your treatment. Plus, the night option is always there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the at-home clear aligners made of?

All the above-mentioned companies make their clear aligners using FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic.

For how many hours do I need to wear my clear aligners?

You will need to wear your clear aligners for 22 hours a day if you are opting for the Regular option. The Night-only clear aligners need to be worn for at least 10 hours a night.

What if I have a severe teeth misalignment issue?

At-home clear aligners are known to be a cosmetic treatment and all the above-mentioned clear aligners are good at treating mild to moderate misalignment issues. 

In case of a severe bite, you can always opt for traditional metal braces or in-office aligners like Invisalign.

Will the at-home clear aligners cause discomfort?

At-home clear aligners do not hurt. However, minor discomfort can be caused because of the constant pressure being applied to your teeth by the aligner trays.

What happens once I complete my treatment?

You need to wear your custom-made retainers after your treatment has been completed. Initially, for at least about two weeks, you will need to wear your set of retainers 24 hours a day.

After that, you can continue wearing them only at night. This is to ensure that your teeth stay in the same aligned position for the rest of your life. 


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