Cost Difference: Metal Braces VS Invisible braces

Cost Difference: Metal Braces VS Invisible braces

Not everybody is blessed with a picture-perfect smile. But did you know that you can even change the way your teeth look if you want to? Teeth straightening is becoming a popular option to get that flawless smile you have always dreamt of. But, nowadays, it isn’t about going to the dentist and getting all the metals and wires stuck in your mouth. The innumerable options  ranging from invisible braces to at-home treatments presented by your dentist to you may lead to a big confusion. Also, you don’t want to spend your entire life paying your dental bills after a treatment that wasn’t even worth it.

So, let’s discuss the cost of the two most popular options of teeth straightening (metal braces and invisible braces) and examine if they are worth it:

Metal braces And Their Cost

Metal braces are the first thing you think about when you hear the word braces. These braces are the most copper-bottom method for teeth straightening. They are traditional braces which consist of metal brackets that are bonded on the outer/front surface of the teeth. They use certain teeth as anchors to pull the other teeth in alignment as well. Metal braces are successful in treating severe cases of misalignment and overcrowding. However, it is possible for anybody to notice them even from a long distance which can play with people’s self confidence. Also, metal braces are much more painful and take a longer duration than invisible braces. The cost of metal braces ranges from $5000-$10,000 based on the type of treatment necessary for  your teeth. Metal braces are well-known all over the world and readily available because of its abundant resources.

Invisible Braces And Their Cost

Invisible braces are a set of invisible trays which give you the opportunity to undergo teeth straightening without anybody barely noticing it. Mostly, these are made up of medical grade PETG or PU plastic material which fit firmly on your teeth. However, our AlignerCo clear aligners are specially made from Raintree Essix plastic which sits comfortably on your teeth. Thus, making them less painful and more convenient. Though people with  severe issues or milk teeth are advised to not align their teeth with clear braces, it is possible to easily  correct  overbite, overjet, crowded teeth and teeth gaps with these. Clear braces use a series of aligners or trays to align the teeth gradually. These aligners use lesser force than metal braces eventually resulting in less pain.  However, in the beginning, you might experience mild pain or discomfort. This is because your teeth take time to adjust with your clear braces. Such pain or discomfort usually lasts for a day or two. But, if this pain exceeds, you can always contact your smile specialist or the customer service to help you out. The AlignerCo Customer Support is available 24/7   if you need assistance during these hard times. A live chat session is  also available on the website to answer all your queries as soon as possible.

You will have to change your set of trays once the pressure decreases, usually after two weeks. Your teeth will naturally move in accordance with the pressure applied. There will be timely dental check-ups to make sure you’re on the right track.

Clear braces cost anywhere in between $1145-$8000 depending on your type of treatment and the brand you choose. We here at AlignerCo, offer clear braces treatment at only $1145 which is the most affordable price you can come across. We also have a special Smile Flex Easy Plan according to which you can pay in small instalments. It is an easy installment plan of $95.00 per month for 11 months with $275.00 down payment (Total $1320).

Summing It All Up

Metal braces are not really an affordable option. Also, the treatment requires you to undergo pain and patience. The treatment takes an extremely long duration in most cases and  your smile is now made up of 50% metal.

The material quality, the skill used in the making of invisible braces and excess attention during the treatment may make you assume that treatment with invisible braces may raise your budget. However, this is a misconception. In fact, clear braces are much more affordable than metal braces. Moreover, they do the same work less painfully and much faster. Also, you can easily find some economic deals which eventually lead to a much lower price than metal braces. Invisible braces are cost-effective and are a considerable option if you are looking for a hole-and-corner treatment which is efficient at the same time.


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