Byte Review: Using Innovation and Technology for Teeth Straightening

Byte Review

Do Byte treatments really work?

As soon as you think about teeth straightening, the first thing you imagine is a shiny metal smile. Or maybe, a huge Invisalign bill, if you’ve already researched a more convenient and inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth.

But what if there was a way to straighten your teeth with the same comfort and convenience but in a more inexpensive way? Well, Byte is ready to fulfill this wish of yours! Byte is one of the affordable at-home invisible aligners brands which is free from any dental visits.

It is well-known for its high treatment quality and expert customer service. Byte is praised worldwide for offering an at-home invisible aligners treatment which straightens your teeth in half the duration taken by the other companies.

The Smile Science aesthetic treatment offered by Byte was discovered by Dr. Jon Marashi, a famous celebrity and cosmetic dentist, who is also the co-founder and chief executive of Byte.

Byte is newest in the at-home teeth straightening industry and known for using advanced technologies to treat your teeth.

With Byte, you can be sure that you’re treated by a professional and experienced orthodontist. It uses HyperByte technology which uses high frequency vibrations to straighten your teeth in as less as 3 months.

Byte is also the only company which gives you a Byte-for-life guarantee which ensures that if your smile gets misaligned again after the treatment, they will help you get your smile back without charging any extra costs.

However, it is important to note that Byte treatments can only treat mild to moderate issues of teeth gaps, bite or crowding problems.

It is common to question the worth of something which is too good to be true. So here’s our take on the efficiency of Byte’s at-home teeth straightening treatment with invisible aligners.

How It Works

First and foremost, the orthodontist will have to assess whether you can be an eligible candidate for the at-home teeth straightening treatment with invisible braces. For this, they will need your teeth impressions and photos of your bite from different angles.

You will have to take your teeth impressions at home by yourself. It is a very simple process of digging your teeth into the impression molds. You will also have to take photos of your teeth using a cheek stretcher provided by them.

Your orthodontist will analyse your impressions and photos and tell you whether you’re a good candidate for their at-home invisible aligners treatment or not. By any chance, if you’re not a candidate, Byte will refund your payment back.

If you’re a candidate, your orthodontist will design a custom-made treatment plan for you and show you a digital preview of your teeth, as in how your teeth will look after the treatment ends. If you approve the preview of your teeth, then they will start producing your custom-made Byte invisible aligners and ship them to you in about 4 weeks.

Once you receive your invisible aligners at your doorstep, you have to fit your invisible aligners perfectly on your teeth. Like any other invisible aligners, you will have to wear them for 22 hours each day. Also, you will have to change to a new set of trays after every 2 weeks.

Additionally, you will have to use the HyperByte Device for 5 minutes a day or 10 minutes a day if you’re wearing the Byte At-Night aligners. This device will make your treatment furthermore comfortable and faster.

After the treatment ends, you will have to wear the retainers ( the first set will be included in the aligners kit for free) just like you wore your invisible aligners, for 22 hours each day. However, after 2 weeks, you can wear them only at night or decide to not wear them at all, considering the Byte-for-life guarantee. However, preferably you shouldn’t avoid wearing your retainers.

HyperByte Technology

If you’ve heard of Byte, then there’s no chance that you haven’t heard of its excellent HyperByte Technology which cuts down your treatment time into half. This technology uses soft micropulses which transmit through the roots of your teeth to their surrounding bones.

You just have to bite down on the HyperByte Device for 5 minutes a day or 10 minutes a day if you wear nighttime aligners. It’s high frequency vibrations are in fact very gentle and help in straightening your teeth with utmost comfort and in the fastest way.


  • Your impression kit will cost you $95, which is slightly higher than its competitors. If you go for All-Day aligners, they will cost you $1895. Otherwise, the At-Night Treatment can cost you as high as $2245.
  • Whatever option you select, your kit will include free whitening, first set of retainers and HyperByte Device. Byte offers you two easy payment plans which do not require any credit check.
  • Either you can pay the entire $1895 or $2245 in one go or choose to pay in small instalments. For the instalment plan, you will have to make a down payment of $349 (for All-Day Aligners) or $415 (for All-Night Aligners) and pay $83 and $98 respectively per month.
  • Whichever bytepay plan you choose, you will be paying just over 20% APR. For a short term plan, you can even choose Splitit at the check-out which also does not require any credit check and promises 0% APR.


While most of the at-home invisible aligners companies take on an average at least 6 months, Byte ensures straightened teeth in just 3 months with the help of its HyperByte Technology. However, the Nighttime Aligners offered by Byte will need 4-6 months to straighten your teeth.

Overall Experience

Byte is definitely the most recommendable company if you wish for a comfortable, affordable and cost-effective treatment for straightening your teeth. Its HyperByte Technology being the most advanced technology to provide you the most convenient and the fastest teeth straightening treatment you can ever ask for.

Byte stands out among all its competitors because of its exceptional Byte-for-life guarantee. This guarantee assures that they will fix your teeth for free if they come out of alignment after the treatment.

Byte also includes whitening, cleaning and first set of retainers for free unlike other companies which charge an extra $100 for it. Additionally, both of its payment options are quite easy and affordable.

Byte’s expert customer care service is very friendly, commendable and reaches out to you as fast as they can. Even though Byte charges you a little extra than its competitors, the type of quality and service it offers cannot be found anywhere else.

All those people who are wondering whether Byte can actually straighten your teeth in 3 months or whether its HyperByte Technology actually works, let me tell you that it does truly work. However, if you don’t want to spend much, here are some other affordable options:


With AlignerCo, you will be straightening your teeth with almost less than half the price of Byte’s teeth straightening treatment. AlignerCo’s payment plans are also much affordable than Byte’s and with occasional discounts you can avail the most affordable teeth straightening treatment.

However, the treatment quality and service offered by Byte is much better than that of AlignerCo. Unlike Byte, it doesn’t even assure you that you’re treated by a specialized orthodontist and doesn’t include free whitening either.


CandidCo is another leading teeth straightening company having top-notch quality treatment and service. CandidCo provides a remote monitoring device which makes the treatment fully remote and yet doesn’t lack the supervision of the orthodontist. Furthermore, Candid’s Customer service is also as commendable as AlignerCo’s.

However, CandidCo is far more expensive than AlignerCo and is also not a very well-established company.


SmileDirectClub is another affordable alternative to AlignerCo. It has an upper hand over AlignerCo as it also offers nighttime aligners. SmileDirectClub is far more established than AlignerCo and thus has more experience. It also has over 300 SmileShops to get yourself checked from time to time.

But, SmileDirectClub doesn’t guarantee that you’re being treated by a specialized orthodontist and is a little more expensive.


Invisalign is that company which you can trust with your eyes closed. Invisalign is known for treating those cases with its clear aligners which most of the other at-home invisible aligners companies are not able to.

But if you choose Invisalign, you have to be ready to see your dentist or orthodontist every month. AlignerCo is much more inexpensive and convenient than Invisalign with its fully remote treatment.

How to make the best out of your Byte treatment:-

  • Go through the payment options and policies thoroughly and choose the one which can avail you maximum benefits. Discuss with your insurance provider about what will be actually covered beforehand.
  • Keep a check on your credit score to avail maximum benefits.
  • Since you have to perform your impressions on your own, it is best that you set up a video call with them. They will guide you throughout while taking impressions and photos of your bite from the necessary angles and save your time eventually.
  • Wear your invisible aligners everyday for 22 hours with discipline to see the maximum results.
  • Taking care of your oral health is of utmost importance to avoid any bacterial or gum infections from growing in your mouth. Make sure you remove your invisible aligners every time you eat or drink something other than water. Also, brush your teeth and clean your aligners before putting them on again.
  • Don’t clean your invisible aligners with too hot water or with any harsh objects to prevent scratches on your invisible aligners.
  • Don’t forget to use the HyperByte device for 5 minutes everyday. (Or 10 minutes, if you wear night-time aligners).
  • Even though Byte gives you a Byte-for-life guarantee, make sure you wear your retainers for some time to give a nice final touch to your teeth straightening treatment.


How do invisible aligners work?

Invisible aligners treatment consists of a series of clear retainers, each set of trays being slightly more symmetrical than the previous one. Invisible aligners apply small amounts of pressure to your teeth and move them gradually. That’s the reason why invisible braces are the most comfortable and painless option for teeth straightening.

Why would someone be ineligible to be a candidate for AlignerCo’s Invisible Aligners treatment?

You would be ineligible to be a candidate for Byte’s Invisible Aligners treatment if you have spacing issues, severe bite problems or severe misalignment.

Do I need to wear aligners all day?

You have to wear your invisible aligners for around 20-22 hours each day which is close to wearing it the entire day. You only have to remove them while brushing,flossing,eating and drinking.

Are there any restrictions on the diet?

No, because you have to remove your aligners while eating.

Do I have to remove my aligners while drinking?

It is advisable to remove your aligners to prevent it from stains especially if you’re drinking something which is too hot or too cold.

Can my aligners slip off while sleeping?

Byte believes in offering clear aligners with the highest quality possible. So, there is not really a chance of your aligners slipping off at any time. But, if anything like that happens, contact your orthodontist immediately.

Will I have speech problems because of the aligners?

Your teeth and tongue might take time for the first few days to adjust but otherwise there shouldn’t be any problem.

Byte is the best option in terms of its treatment quality, product quality and customer support but with a slightly higher price. However, with Byte, you will be able to straighten your teeth in the least duration possible and with advanced technology.

We hope that our review on Byte’s At-home Invisible Aligners Treatment helps you to make the best decision for your teeth. Choose what best suits your needs and get that glam smile you have always dreamed of!


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