Hone In On These Aspects Before Getting Your Invisible Braces

on which aspects getting invisible braces

To save yourself from the metals and brackets, you are probably thinking of getting your teeth straightened with Invisible braces rather than traditional braces. Invisible braces do the same job as metal braces but are made up of clear materials. These aligners are usually not noticeable even if someone takes a close look. Invisible braces are the best option for people who want to undergo teeth straightening secretly but want the ultimate result at the same time. However, you might have to undergo certain changes in your lifestyle once you get your Invisible braces. Are you ready to tackle them? Here’s everything you need to consider before you get your Invisible braces:

1)Treatment Time May Vary

There is a high chance that your treatment might take a shorter or longer duration than the time mentioned by your assigned dentist, which is absolutely normal. Most of the cases of invisible aligners get their treatment done faster rather than slower. And, even if the duration of the treatment lasts longer, it is usually because the aligners are not worn with discipline or not as per the orthodontist’s instructions.

2) Price And Policies

Although, you might want to invest well in your teeth straightening treatment, make sure you don’t end up paying more for the same benefits you could acquire at lower prices. Also, go through all the instalment plans and insurance policies to gain extra benefits. Additionally, take a clear note of what your insurance policy would actually cover and what forms of payment are accepted by them.

We here at AlignerCo offer quality treatments at the most affordable prices. We also have a special Smile Flex Easy Plan according to which you can pay in small instalments. It is an easy installment plan of $95.00/mo for 11 months with $275.00 down payment (Total $1320)

And we accept HSA & FSA cards.

3) Following Your Oral Health With Discipline

You might need to use your brush a lot more than you did before. Basically, after every meal. Not only that, your Invisible braces also need to be cleaned often to avoid any bacteria or gum infections growing in your mouth. You have to remove your aligners when you have anything except water to prevent stains. Also, you have to wear your aligners for the recommended time and follow as per the instructions provided to you by your Smile Specialist to see the desired results. However, this may actually help you to improve your overall oral health because by the end, you will have developed some good oral habits.

4) Dedication And Time Commitment

In most cases, you have to wear your invisible braces for almost the entire day and remove them only for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. You must be ready to follow the process of removing and wearing your braces continuously before and after eating. A simple activity of eating is now accompanied by wearing and removing your aligners plus cleaning your teeth as well as the aligners before putting them back. Also, you might find excusing yourself every now and then because removing your aligners with dripping saliva in front of everybody is definitely something you don’t want to even imagine. Your teeth will show maximum results only if you allocate proper time for your oral routines. It might take some time to adjust but, you should do fine after a month or so.

5) Each experience is different

Every case is different from another. You cannot expect the same experience that your friend or neighbour or sibling had. Some experience mild pain, bleeding gums or speech problems in the beginning because it takes time for your teeth to adjust a sudden foreign invader. Patience is the key. You can always reach out to your smile specialist and they will help you overcome such issues. AlignerCo takes pride in our hands-on customer service and are always happy to deal with your concerns with utmost care.


Invisible braces are the best way to conveniently get your teeth straightened in the least noticeable way. Obviously, there are certain hurdles you need to cross to reach your desired smile. But, once your teeth adjust with your invisible aligners, you won’t be able to even tell the difference whether your teeth are with or without your aligners. If you follow your smile specialist’s advice throughout your journey, you can complete your treatment even earlier than prescribed. Nevertheless, keep smiling and sparkling your confidence, come what may. After all, happiness comes from within.


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