Is Teeth Straightening With Braces Painful?

Is Teeth Straightening With Braces Painful?

Braces are not something that is new to us. In fact, the concept of braces was contemplated around 400-300 BC by Aristotle and Hippocrates. However, they used the natural fibers of animals which did the same job as today’s metal bands do. Since then the research for dental braces commenced and by the 18th  and the 19th century the orthodontics industry had started developing.

Fauchard, a well-known French dentist, invented a device called  “Bandeau”, a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that helped expand the palate. Louis Bordet, the then King of France perfected the “Bandeau” and was the first dentist on record to recommend extraction of the premolar teeth to alleviate crowding and to improve jaw growth.

Since then, several important dentists helped to advance dental braces with specific instruments and tools that allowed braces to be improved. Some invented wire cribs while others invented gum elastics and rubber bands.  A dentist named John Nutting Farrar was the first to suggest the use of mild force at timed intervals to move teeth.

All materials from ivory to zinc were experimented for braces (gold being the most popular) and changed radically till the late 19th century. Later, stainless steel and dental adhesive to the front of the teeth were popularised as these were less painful and straightened teeth much faster than the previous devices. Further examinations brought into effect, different types of braces, ranging from self-ligating to invisible braces. And, in 1997, finally came the most splendid invention of at-home invisible aligners.

These inventions clearly indicate that metal braces weren’t the ideal choice; mainly because of the pain they caused. But, why do metal braces hurt?

The Reason Why Metal Braces Hurt

You might feel like “Oh, my dental organs are so strong and I don’t feel any pain” after you come out of the dental office with your new shining metal smile. But, after a few hours, the brackets and wires will start playing tricks on your dental organs and that is when you realise “The Pain” everyone warned you about. Your teeth and gums will not only be painful and sore but cause a lot of discomfort ( Did you really expect that your teeth will take all the metal load happily?)

Now, why does this happen? This is simply because the archwires pull the brackets and they, in turn, pull your teeth into alignment. Your gums do an awesome job of making space for these foreign invaders so that they feel comfortable and stop troubling you. However, it takes some time for your gums to do that (here, sometime= around 1 week, to be precise). Till that time, you might suffer from sore gums, scrapes inside your cheeks and cuts on your tongue because of the abrasive material (Not trying to scare you, it’s just a possibility). However, from next week onwards, there will be a friendly environment inside your mouth unless your cheeks and tongue are attacked by a sharp edge of the braces. In that case, you need to consult your doctor and get the sharp spot waxed.

Even, once your pain is settled, every bite you take will remind you of the undesirable treatment you are undergoing. And, did I mention that a part of this treatment also includes a farewell to your chips and donuts? No crunchy food unless and until you get rid of your metal braces. Also, you don’t want cavities and tooth decays to make your condition worse. For that, oral hygiene routines play an important role even if cleaning seems like a huge task on an uneven surface caused by your braces. After a point you will realize that metal braces are unpleasant rather than painful. So, even your painkillers cannot help you over here.

And, when you are finally getting everything settled in your mouth, Ta-Da! It’s time for your next appointment. This appointment is for tightening the metal wires again. So, don’t expect any less pain or discomfort. And, the process continues …

What Other Option Do I Have?

Genuinely, a lot! The advancements in the field of orthodontics has led to innumerable options ranging from lingual braces to invisible braces and obviously, the exceptional at-home treatments. At-home invisible aligners treatment is the most comfortable, convenient and inconspicuous method of teeth straightening you can ever find. But, people usually refrain from at-home treatments because of their sky-high prices. However, if you choose Straight My Teeth, we assure you excellent service at an affordable price of £999. Not only that, we also have a special payment option of paying in 12 monthly instalments of  £67 with a downpayment of  £295 (total  £1099). Also, most of our dental procedures, including taking impressions are completely performed at home. But, you can always feel free to visit our Ashford Smile Studio if you seek personal care.

Summing It All Up

Even though metal braces can treat severe malocclusions and are recommendable for any case, the pain, discomfort and trouble caused by them is noteworthy. Nonetheless, there are so many other options you can go for where you can even choose to have an unnoticeable  treatment and that too without many dental visits. At-home invisible braces are top-notch in almost every aspect and thus the most considerable option. And above all, you don’t want to miss your chips and donuts, do you?


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