The Ultimate Teeth Straightening Guide

The Ultimate Teeth Straightening Guide

Are you one of those people who are forfeiting their confidence behind a tight-lipped smile; because smiling freely makes it way more mortifying?

Then, you are at the right place! Here, we are going to discuss all about teeth straightening and it’s various options you would probably want to know to get the smile you always wanted.

If your hankering soul did not already take you to google, here is what teeth straightening is:


What is Teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening is basically a run-of-the-mill dental procedure either recommended by dentists due to medical reasons or by your own choice of becoming flawless.

Teeth straighteners aim at aligning your teeth in their proper positions by applying pressure. Initially, we only had the usual metal braces. But now, we have got a range of teeth straightening products which you can choose from according to your needs.

Often adults eschew from teeth straightening claiming that it is only for teenagers. But, is it true?


For whom is teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening is for anyone who’s teeth are causing one or more of the below problems:

  • Problem while speaking.
  • Difficulty in eating.
  • Getting muscle strains.
  • Risk of damage to other teeth.
  • Problems in sustaining good oral health.
  • Appearance (for all the beauty-conscious people out there)

The innumerable amount of options available for teeth straightening might bring a sense of indecisiveness. But, you don’t want to risk your already deformed teeth, do you? To help you deduce the right option for you, presenting to you all the different types of teeth straightening options with their ups and downs. So let’s get started lickety-split.



Dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that are used for aligning  and straightening teeth to position them better. They are mainly useful for treating underbites,overbites as well as to fill in gaps. They also nurture your oral health. There is a huge variety of braces available. You can choose any of the below as per your requirements:


A) Metal Braces ($2500-$7500)

Metal braces are the first thing you think about when you hear the word braces. These braces are the most reliable method for teeth straightening. They are traditional braces which consist of metal brackets that are bonded on the outer/front surface of the teeth. Metallic braces are the earliest devices introduced for teeth straightening. Metal braces are for all the money-savers. Though, they are easily noticeable and can easily cause embarrassment.


  • These are the most economical type of braces.
  • State-funded insurance might be rendered.
  • Metal induces more pressure than all other braces and thereby reduces the time of treatment.


  • Pretty evident that you have braces which can eventually make you self conscious and prefer not to smile.
  • Patients experience a lot of pain after installing metal braces.


B) Clear Braces ($3000-$10000)

Clear braces are the modern time braces. They are similar to metal braces in structure but use different materials like ceramic or porcelain.These types of braces are usually camouflaged with your teeth colour. Even the wires of clear braces can be provided in your tooth-colour.Though, these cannot be used for very severe cases. Clear braces are best suitable for all the adults and teenagers who don’t  want to show that they’re going through braces or any other dental treatment.


  • Clear braces have tooth-coloured or clear material (saves half the embarrassment).
  • The patients usually experience less pain.


  • Clear braces are costlier than metal braces.
  • These braces might leave stains on your teeth or discolour them.


C) Self-ligating braces ($2500-$8000)

These types of braces use a permanent movable archwire instead of the elastics used in metal braces.

These are for the aesthetic crowd. There are two types of Self-ligating braces i.e Active and Passive. Active Self-ligating braces have a clip that works to press on the archwire and a wire bracket interaction is observed. On the other hand, Passive Self-ligating braces have a door, which when closed, doesn’t apply any pressure. Self-ligating braces cause less pain than other conventional braces.


  • Self-ligating braces can be moved with less friction.
  • These braces are super easy to clean.
  • Self-ligating braces keep your dentist away ( we don’t need an apple anymore!).


  • Self-ligating braces need you to follow certain food restrictions to avoid decay. (Clearly no chips and donuts!)
  • You might have cavities and gum issues if you fail to follow good oral hygiene.


D) Lingual Braces ($5000-$13000)

These are orthodontic braces on the inside of the teeth. The biggest advantage in case of lingual braces is that they do not appear on the buccal side of the teeth which is usually visible. So, these braces cannot be really visible unless you open your mouth wide open ( hold that yawn! ). That is why they are known as ‘hidden braces’. Lingual braces have become a popular option among adults. Although people claim that lingual braces cause irritation and soreness around the tongue and sometimes speech problems also, orthodontists are striving to make them less painful. Nowadays the lingual braces are made smoother and the pain is usually settled in about 2-3 weeks.


  • Metal wires of lingual braces are  not easily visible.
  • Lingual braces are the next best thing to Invisible Aligners since they are virtually invisible.


  • Sky-high prices of lingual braces is one of the major drawbacks of lingual braces.
  • These braces may irritate or sore your tongue.


E) Invisible Braces ($3500-$8500)

As the name suggests, invisible braces are custom-made braces which can solve your problems without being seen. If you are running away from mockers, these are just for you. Invisalign is one of the most voguish companies in case of invisible braces. Invisalign is also the largest producer of Invisible Braces at home.


  • Invisible braces are removable and hard to notice.
  • These braces have less risk of root resorption.


  • Invisible braces require discipline (wearing those for about 20 hours everyday).
  • These braces are not suitable for severe malocclusions.


Teeth straightening without braces

If you are not a very big fan of braces  or if none of the above befits you. Don’t get into a fluster. Teeth straightening is possible without braces! Yes, you heard it right, teeth straightening without braces is a real thing. Here also, we have a lot of options with us; the most popular being Teeth straightening at home. Let’s get a peek at these.


Teeth straightening at home

So basically, what happens is that the orthodontist gets a look at your teeth and suggests if teeth straightening at home would be the correct treatment for you. Once that’s done, you get your dental impressions and start aligning your teeth with the help of a dental kit provided at home.


A) Invisible Aligners at home ($1200-$2400)

Invisalign is a modern solution to straightening your teeth without braces. Clear, smooth and durable plastic is custom moulded into a set of nearly invisible aligners that snap into place over your teeth. Every two weeks, you exchange your aligners for a new set that slowly straightens your teeth to their correct positions.

Some blooming companies offering teeth straightening at home are SmileDirectClub, Candid, Invisalign and AlignerCo. This treatment is useful for only mild to moderate issues with your teeth.


  • Teeth straightening at home is generally charged with reasonable rates.
  • The teeth straightening kits are delivered at your doorstep and you can do it at your own convenience.


  • Teeth straightening at home does not offer face-to-face dental checkups. The orthodontist might not be able to see deep inside your mouth (Except Invisalign Aligners as they have physical offices).
  • There might be a mixture of orthodontists and dentists (You don’t really know if you’re in good hands).


B) Composite Bonding ($250-$1200)

Composite Bonding deals with adhesion or bonding to the natural substance of teeth, enamel and dentin. It is the most budget-friendly cosmetic fix to chipped,cracked or uneven teeth.It’s a cost-effective solution because it’s considerably less expensive and faster than other cosmetic dental procedures, such as crowns and  porcelain veneers. People looking for a mild dental touch at a reasonable rate might find composite bonding useful.


  • Composite bonding is the quickest cosmetic fix.
  • This is the most inexpensive product to get your teeth in shape.


  • Composite bonding doesn’t last very long. You will only have temporary results.
  • These products can damage the tooth enamel to a great extent.


C) Retainers ($100-$750 per product)

This is the most rock-bottom option available for teeth straightening. The dentists usually suggest these to people who have already had dental treatment, specifically, braces. Retainers form a very important part post your braces treatment. There is a chance of the teeth getting misaligned again. In order to avoid that, retainers are essential after your treatment. These are custom-made of wires or clear plastic and used by people who want just slight positioning of the teeth.


  • You can remove the retainers while eating or flossing.
  • You can use them as per your own convenience.


  • Saliva production in the mouth can be increased due to retainers.
  • There is a risk of bacterial growth in your mouth.


D) Mewing

Mewing is nothing but placing your tongue at the roof of your teeth and pushing them inwards to position them. Mewing is not a product but a Do It Yourself (DIY) technique for teeth straightening.  This technique has a high chance of not actually working. It is always suggested to go for dental treatments if you have more than one issue with your teeth.


  • Mewing is completely free of cost. You just need your own teeth, tongue and a know-how of the technique.
  • People who have tried have not experienced anything dangerous while performing this technique.


  • Although Mewing is performed on a large scale, there is no scientific evidence stating if it actually works.
  • It takes years to be effective and sometimes no effect at all.

These were the most pre-eminent options to get you beaming like never before. Go through these options , select what’s best for you and get those Snaggleteeth straightened for life! Lastly, don’t forget, smiling is an activity from the heart and not the teeth. Keep smiling!


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