The Top 15 Clear Aligners Brands [TDB’s Global Ranking]

Clear aligner tray


Leading the pack in affordability,ALIGNERCO is a shining example of how high-quality treatment can be accessible to everyone. Their transparent pricing structure starts at just $995, making them a compelling option for budget-conscious individuals. ALIGNERCO boasts a focus on personalized care, with US-licensed orthodontists remotely overseeing your treatment plan. They utilize advanced technology for precise fit and offer flexible payment options.


  • Most affordable among major brands
  • Remote orthodontist supervision
  • At-home impression kit
  • Flexible payment options


  • No in-office visits, limiting direct contact with an orthodontist
  • Isn’t suitable for complex cases


Another budget-friendly contender, Aligner32 disrupts the market with its convenient model. Starting at just $1149, you can now choose to receive effective treatment for either just single or dual arch. Aligner32 emphasizes telehealth consultations with US-licensed orthodontists, ensuring professional guidance throughout your journey.


  • Low monthly payment option starting at just $58/month
  • Predictable treatment timeline of 4-6 months
  • Telehealth consultations for convenience
  • US-licensed orthodontist supervision


  • It may not be suitable for complex cases
  • Zero face-to-face interaction with the dentist


Combining affordability with modern technology, Caspersmile utilizes advanced technology to personalize your treatment plan. Their prices start at around $1,695 and include virtual consultations with US-licensed orthodontists. Caspersmile prides itself on its effective treatment planning and remote monitoring.


  • Competitive pricing with advanced treatment planning
  • Virtual progress tracking and support
  • US-Licensed orthodontists supervision


  • No in-person interaction with the dentist
  • It may not be ideal for complex cases
  • The newer brand with a less established reputation


This direct-to-consumer brand has taken the industry by storm, promising rapid-fire treatment timelines and sleek, tech-focused experiences. Byte boasts a streamlined process, with at-home impression kits and virtual consultations with their in-house dental team. Their treatment typically takes 4-8 months, making them the go-to for those seeking speedy smile transformations. However, it’s important to note that Byte focuses on mild to moderate cases and may not be suitable for more complex orthodontic needs.


  • Fastest treatment times (4-8 months)
  • Streamlined process with at-home kits and virtual consultations
  • Sleek and tech-focused experience with HyperByte


  • Patients report discomfort during treatment
  • Expensive than most of the other brands


If personalized care is your top priority, CandidCo might be your perfect match. They offer a remote treatment process but also prioritize in-person consultations with licensed dentists, ensuring a close relationship and tailored treatment plan. Candid caters to a wider range of cases than Byte, including moderate to complex malocclusions. However, their price point reflects this increased attention and expertise, typically starting around $3,000 to $7000.


  • Personalized care with in-person dentist consultations
  • Caters to a wider range of cases, including moderate to complex malocclusions
  • Established brand with a proven track record


  • Higher price point than many direct-to-consumer options
  • Less flexible treatment options than some competitors
  • Retainers are not included


 clear aligners
A dentist showing aligners during consultation

The OG of clear aligners, Invisalign remains a household name for a reason. Their extensive experience and global network of orthodontists provide unparalleled expertise and treatment options. Invisalign offers various tiers of treatment, catering to both subtle and severe misalignments. However, their reputation and technology come at a premium, with prices generally starting around $4000 to $9000.


  • The brand with unmatched experience and reputation
  • Extensive network of orthodontists for global accessibility
  • Offers various treatment tiers for diverse needs
  • Proven track record of successful results


  • The most expensive option among many brands
  • Treatment times can be longer than some competitors
  • In-office visits and appointments required


Hailing from Europe, Newsmile champions affordability and telehealth convenience. Their treatment plans start at around €1,495 and include remote monitoring with licensed dentists. Newsmile’s user-friendly app makes tracking progress and receiving support a breeze. However, like Aligner32, they may not be ideal for complex cases, and their brand recognition within the US market is still establishing itself.


  • An affordable option with treatment plans starting at €1,495
  • Convenient telehealth consultations with licensed dentists
  • User-friendly app for progress tracking and support


  • It may not be ideal for complex cases
  • Limited brand recognition in the US market
  • Fewer treatment options compared to some competitors


A well-established brand in the US, ClearCorrect offers a comprehensive approach to clear aligner treatment. They provide multiple treatment tiers, in-office visits with your dentist, and access to their innovative digital tools. ClearCorrect’s pricing varies depending on your chosen treatment plan and location but generally falls within the $4,000-$5,000 range.


  • Comprehensive approach with multiple treatment tiers
  • In-office dentist visits for personalized care
  • Access to innovative digital tools and technologies
  • Well-established brand with a good reputation


  • Price varies depending on the chosen plan and location, and can be expensive
  • Treatment times may be longer than some direct-to-consumer options
  • May not be as accessible as brands with telehealth consultations


This brand prides itself on its cutting-edge robotic arm technology, ensuring precise and consistent aligner manufacturing. SureSmile partners with licensed dentists to design personalized treatment plans for a variety of cases. While their technology boasts impressive accuracy, SureSmile’s reliance on dentists’ availability and pricing structure can vary depending on the practitioner.


  • Cutting-edge robotic arm technology for precise aligner manufacturing
  • Personalized treatment plans for a variety of cases
  • Partners with licensed dentists for professional oversight


  • Relies on dentist availability, which can vary
  • Pricing can differ depending on the practitioner
  • Less focus on telehealth compared to some competitors


Another direct-to-consumer option, Smileie emphasizes simplicity and affordability. Their streamlined process and low starting price point of around $699 for a single arch make them attractive for budget-conscious individuals. However, similar to Byte, Smileie focuses on mild cases and may not be suitable for more complex orthodontic needs.


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Simple and streamlined treatment process
  • Direct-to-consumer model for convenience


  • Focuses on mild cases only, not suitable for complex needs
  • Limited dentist involvement and support
  • Less established brand with a limited track record


Offering a middle ground between direct-to-consumer and dentist-supervised models, Strayt provides different treatment tiers and flexible payment plans. Their prices start around $2,495 and include various levels of dentist involvement, catering to individual preferences.


  • Offers a middle ground between direct-to-consumer and dentist-supervised models
  • Different treatment tiers and flexible payment plans to cater to individual needs
  • Licensed dentist involvement for added assurance


  • The price point falls between budget options and premium brands
  • Treatment times may be longer than some direct-to-consumer options
  • More complex treatment plans compared to simple, streamlined models

3M Clarity Aligners

Backed by the dental giant 3M, Clarity Aligners leverage their vast experience and research to deliver professional-grade treatment through licensed dentists. Their aligners utilize advanced materials for comfortable wear and predictable tooth movement. However, due to their reliance on dental partnerships, pricing for Clarity Aligners can vary depending on the individual practice.


  • Professional-grade treatment from a dental giant
  • Utilizes advanced SmartTrack® material for comfort and predictability
  • Backed by extensive research and experience


  • Pricing varies depending on the dental practice
  • Limited telehealth options may require more in-office visits
  • Less widely available compared to some direct-to-consumer brands

Align Technology

While not directly offering consumer-facing treatment, Align Technology deserves mention as the parent company of Invisalign and a major player in the clear aligners market. They are constantly innovating and developing new aligner systems, pushing the boundaries of orthodontic technology.


  • The leading force in innovation, driving clear aligner technology forward
  • The parent company of Invisalign, with access to its expertise and resources strong influence on the overall market and future of clear aligners


  • Not a direct-to-consumer brand, no treatment plans offered directly
  • Focuses on technology and development, not individual patient care
  • Not relevant for immediate treatment needs

Aurora Aligner

Based in Australia, Aurora Aligner stands out for its focus on personalized care and remote monitoring. Their treatment plans emphasize close collaboration with dentists and utilize advanced monitoring technology to ensure optimal results. However, their availability outside of Australia is currently limited.


  • Personalized care with close collaboration with dentists
  • Utilizes advanced monitoring technology for optimal results
  • Focus on remote monitoring can be convenient for some patients


  • Currently limited availability outside of Australia
  • Less established brand with a limited track record
  • May not be the most affordable option


This Argentinian brand offers a unique blend of affordability and innovative treatment protocols. They utilize biocompatible materials in their aligners and employ a specialized activation method for faster tooth movement. While their pricing is generally competitive, Argen’s availability outside of South America is currently restricted.


  • Unique blend of affordability and innovative treatment protocols
  • Utilizes biocompatible materials for potentially safer treatment
  • Faster tooth movement through specialized activation method


  • Currently limited availability outside of South America
  • Less familiar brands and with limited information available
  • The treatment approach may not be standard or widely accepted

Beyond the Brands

A woman wearing her aligners
A woman wearing her aligners

While brand choice is crucial, remember that successful clear aligner treatment goes beyond just picking the right company. Here are some essential factors to consider:


Aligner treatment requires dedication. Wearing your aligners for the prescribed amount of time is key to achieving desired results. Be prepared to make lifestyle adjustments and stick to the treatment plan for optimal success.

Oral hygiene

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene throughout your journey is crucial to prevent cavities and gum disease. Brushing and flossing regularly after removing your aligners is essential.

Patience is key

While some brands promise fast results, remember that tooth movement takes time. Be patient and trust the process, celebrating milestones along the way.

Embrace the Clear Aligners Journey

Choosing clear aligners is an investment in your smile and overall well-being. With knowledge, preparation, and the right brand for you, you can embark on a transformative journey toward a confident, radiant smile. Remember, the perfect smile awaits, and your clear aligners journey starts now!


1. Which is the most affordable clear aligner brand?

While several brands offer budget-friendly options, ALIGNERCO currently stands out with the lowest starting price point. Aligner32 and Caspersmile also offer competitive monthly payment plans or introductory prices. Remember, affordability doesn’t always guarantee suitability for complex cases, so consider comparing features and potential treatment limitations alongside price.

2. Is it better to choose a direct-to-consumer brand or one with dentist supervision?

The ideal choice depends on your comfort level and priorities. Direct-to-consumer brands like ALIGNERCO, Byte, and Aligner32 often offer lower costs and convenient telehealth consultations but may provide less personalized care and dentist involvement. Brands like Candid, ClearCorrect, and 3M Clarity Aligners involve licensed dentists in treatment planning and supervision, potentially leading to more tailored results, but potentially at a higher cost and with more in-office visits.

3. How long does clear aligner treatment typically take?

Treatment timelines vary depending on the brand, chosen plan, and complexity of your case. Some direct-to-consumer brands like Byte advertise faster results between 4-8 months, while others like Invisalign may require longer treatment times, sometimes exceeding a year for complex cases. Always discuss the expected treatment duration with your chosen provider before starting.

4. Which brand is best for complex orthodontic cases?

Brands with extensive experience and a wider range of treatment options are generally better suited for complex cases. ALIGNERCO, Byte, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect, with their established reputations and professional partnerships with dentists, are good choices. Remember, even within these brands, different tiers or levels of treatment cater to varying needs, so consult with a dental professional for a personalized assessment.

5. What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a clear aligner brand?

Beyond price, consider your individual needs, desired treatment timeline, comfort level with dentist involvement, and access to convenient consultation options. Research brand reputation, treatment options, technology used, and potential limitations before making a decision. Consulting with a qualified dentist or orthodontist can provide valuable insights and help you choose the most suitable brand for your unique smile journey.


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